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Title International Trade: Theory and Evidence
Call Number KAPAL Library 338 MAR I
ISBN/ISSN 0-07-040447-X
Classification 338
Series Title
GMD Text
Language English
Publisher McGraw-Hill
Publishing Year 1995
Publishing Place Boston
Collation xix; 465 hlm; 19 cm
Abstract/Notes This book is intended primarily for a conventional one-semester or one quarter course in international trade for undergraduate economic majors. It most suitable for a course with a one-asemester intermediate microeconomics prerequisite, but we have not assumed that students will have had such a course. The book is not well suited to acourse which covers both international trade and finance in one semester or quarter, and not well suited to a course for non-major. The book also servers as a background text in graduate courses, giving students the basic theory before they plunge into journal articles. Our interest in producing such a book was born from the frustration derived from the fact that virtually all altermative text are simplified versions of what most instructors would prefer for a semester course in trade for economic majors. Competing books are tighly clustered in the center of a linear hotelling-lancaster characteristic space, trying to be suitable for spectrum, to trade only courses for majors at the other end. We are entering at the upper end of the characteristic line, hoping to carve out that market niche. Having defined the market, we should quickly indicqte the analytical lavel of the book lest we scare off the faint of heart. Thwe Analytical expositions is largely in term of geometry. Indeed, the book uses few analytical methodas more advenced than competing text. What distinguishes the book is partly its analytical approach, but more importantly the breadth and depth of its coverage. We have tried to maintain a uniform level of analysis throught the book. and the same basic"tool kit.
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