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Title Macroeconomics: Principles, Problems and Policies
Edition Fourteenth Edition
Call Number KAPAL Library 339 CON M
ISBN/ISSN 0-07289841-0
Author(s) Campbell R. McConnell - Personal Name
Stanley L. Brue - Personal Name
Subject(s) Economic
Classification 339
Series Title
GMD Text
Language English
Publisher McGraw-Hill
Publishing Year 1998
Publishing Place Boston
Collation xxiii; 481 hlm; 25 cm
Abstract/Notes Human beings, those unfortunate creatures, are plagued with wants. We wants, among other things, love social recognition and the material neccesities and comforts of life. Our effort to meet our material wants that is, to improve our wellbeing or"make a living," are the concern of economics. Biology, we need only air, water, food, clothing, and shelter, but, in contemporary society, we also seek teh many goods and services associated with a comportable or affluent standars of living. Fortunately, society is blessed with productive resources-labor ans managerial talent, tools and machinery, land and minertal deposits-which are used to produced good and services. This production satisfies deposits-which are used to produce good and service. This productions satisfies many of our material wants and occurs throught the organizational mechanism called the economic system or, more simply, the economy. Althought it may not be evident, most of the headline-grabbing issues of our time-inflation, unemployment, heakth, care, social security, budget, deficits, discrimination, tax reform, poverty, and inequlity, pollution, and government regulationand deregulation of businnes-are rooted in the one challenge of using resources efficiently.
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