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Title Divide and Connect: Perils and Potentials of Information and Communication Technology in Asia and the Pacific
Call Number KAPAL Library 050 FRA D
ISBN/ISSN 81-278-0008-2
Author(s) Robert Francis Garcia - Personal Name
Subject(s) Information
Classification 050
Series Title
GMD Text
Language English
Publisher Asian South Pacific Bureau of Adult Education
Publishing Year 2004
Publishing Place Mumbai
Collation vii;167 hlm; 19 cm
Abstract/Notes Globalisation is a process Wherein Euro-Ametica vakues, Technology and culture are exported ti developing countries. It is greatly enhanced by information technology, which has significantly changed how human communicate and learb from each other across cultures. Indeed, information technology will continue to have a significant impact on adult learning and education. With this in mind, thise gathered in Chennai urge edudcators, leaders, policy analyst and concerned citizens to remember the folowing: 1) Adult educators have always have made lavish use of technology and, despite the allure and glitz of e-mail, the web and other "high" technologies; older technologies (broadcasting,public campaign, literacy circles, projectors, blackboard, and the like)still have considerable utility. 2) Technologies cannot "teach." There will continue to be a need for humane, respectful and enthusiastic adult educators capable of animating learns of all ages and social groups. 3) Because governments in the ASPBAE region have enthusiastically and uncritically embraced connective technologies, adult educators should position themselves to help from policy and inform themaseves by learning about and using these technologies
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