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Title Migrant Populations and HIV/AIDS: The Development and implementation of Programmes theory methodology and practice
Call Number KAPAL Perempuan 613 SHT M
Author(s) Ronny Shtarkshall - Personal Name
Subject(s) Methodology
Classification 613
Series Title
GMD Text
Language English
Publisher UNESCO
Publishing Year 2000
Publishing Place France
Collation 67 hlml 25 cm
Abstract/Notes AIDS and migration are two of the crucial social issues facing today’s changing world. At the end of 1999, UNAIDS and the World Health Organization estimated that almost 34 million people were living with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). More than 95% of these infections have occurred in developing countries, where poverty, poor health systems and limited resources for prevention and care
fuel the spread of the virus. At the same time, an estimated 125 million people live and often work outside of their country of citizenship, while between two and four million migrate permanently each year At the end of 1997, the world counted some 12 million refugees, with another six million people internally displaced within their countries because of wars and ethnic tensions. Migrant populations have a greater risk for poor health in general and HIV infection in particular .This is due to the impact of sociocultural patterns of the migrant situation on health, their economic transitions, reduced availability and accessibility of health services, and the difficulty
of the host country health care systems to cope with the traditions and practices of the immigrants. The otherness of migrants creates often xeno -phobia, isolation and hostility by the host community. In addition, as with other people living with HIV/AIDS, migrants who are HIV-positive are subject of stigmatisation and discrimination, and therefore, they hide their HIV status as long as possible, thus making support services unavailable for them.

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